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    March 29, 2017 by Shakura Kazuki

    Hi everyone!

    I just recently started going crazy about this series and now I see that there are still so many things missing here.

    I'll try to write down transcripts and Upload pictures for episode galleries.

    I also plan to create a page for the Comic series (and upload them?)

    And also for the shorts.

    Anyways, english is not my main language and I am sorry if the transcrips sound wonky at times. I also have issues with writing down the exact amount of Coco's when she talks, and I quite don't get what Eduardo is saying in spanish. But I'll try my best to write them down correctly.

    Anyways, if you got some issues with me editing/adding so much stuff, please say so. idk how much I will be doing and to what extend, but I hope it's worth it and well …

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