I love discussing with others, as well as hearing different opinions on the subject matter. So as fans of the show what were episodes you consider Foster's did at its best? (that being your favorite episodes) and the dehtroning moments (that being your least favorite episodes?)

As far as favorites go there's a lot. But from my personal opinion its a three way tie between the 3 episode pilot House of Bloo, Destination Imagination and Good Wilt Hunting. (Make Believe it or Not and Race for your Life Mac & Bloo are close seconds)

My least favorites, well there's a lot unfortunately. But it would be a 4 way tie between Imposters Home for Um Make Em Up Pals (my number 1 least favorite) I Only Have Surprise For You, Foster's Goes to Europe and Duchess of Wails. (Ticket to Rod and Camp Keep a Good Mac Down are close seconds)

As for why I placed each episode where, feel free and we can discuss it. haha :D 

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