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The Millionaires Family with Herriman (rabbit) and Frankie (left front)

The Millionaires are the family who appear in House of Bloo's. The family members are: the wealthy rich man with gentleman's character, his wife with smile on her face, and their perfectly spoiled daughter with changed character. They also make cameos in certain episodes.

Family Members

Mr. Millionaire

Mr. Millionaire is an around thirty-years-old man and the family head. He is similar to Professor Utomiun from The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter and Dee Dee's Father from Dexter's Laboratory. He has the short dark blond hair, wears the half-ball shaped glasses, dark blue blouse wripped around his neck, white T-shirt with an Dollar sign, blue plaid shorts, long white socks and brown shoes. His behavior is like a gentleman, very nice and very wise.

Mrs. Millionaire

Mrs. Millionaire is a twenty seven-years-old woman. She and her husband take a care of their daughter. She is similar to Mrs. Keane from The Powerpuff Girls. She has long light blond hair with sunglasses, wears a white T-shirt with an Dollar sign, blue plaid clamdigger pants and blue shoes. Her behavior is like a happy woman.

Millionaire's Daughter

The Millionaire's Daughter is a young girl around sixth year of her life. She is similar to Princess Morbucks from The Powerpuff Girls. She has long orange-red hair with a blue hairband, wears an style school uniform which contains a white blouse with a black vest and blue plaid skirt. She wears also white socks and black Mary-Jane shoes. She is also spoiled and bratty. In "House of Bloo's" she became Bloo's villain and wanted to adopt him and call him "Tiffany". When she tries to create an imaginary friend, she gets a headache.


This happening was descriptive in "House of Bloo's". One day, when Mac was at school, the married couple stopped by Foster's to find an imaginary friend for their daughter. They only wanted the best for her, and Frankie showed Duchess to them. The couple agreed and went to sign the adoption paper. Meanwhile their daughter saw Bloo. She called him "Tiffany" and decided to take him home. But when Bloo ran away, she started chasing him. Wilt, Eduardo and Coco raced all over the home to keep Bloo out of reach, preventing him from being adopted before Mac comes back to visit Foster's, but the Millionaires' Daughter got him and told her mother and father to agree for Bloo's adoption. The rich couple said "yes", but Mac's last-minute arrival saved Bloo. Wilt, Eduardo and Coco went to play in the backyard, and the millionaires left empty-handed.

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