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House of Bloo's - Seen running with the other imaginary friends hoping to get adopted.

Dinner is Swerved - Seen leaving the dining room after being fed.

World Wide Wabbit - He was seen paying Bloo to watch Mr. Herriman's embarrassing video.

Who Let The Dogs In? - Was seen at the dining table and showed shock when one of the imaginary puppies licked his wheel. Later in the episode, he was seen entering the conference room for Mr. Herriman's speech.

Adopcalypse Now - Was seen with the other imaginary friends hoping to get adopted.

Partying is Such Sweet Soiree - Was one of the residents invited to the party.

Where There's a Wilt, There's a Way - Was seen changing the channels for Wilt. Note: This is the first episode where Tubey actually talks.

Bloo Done It - Was seen running to see Uncle Pockets.

Cookie Dough - Was seen entering a room with a cup of cocoa.

Crime After Crime - Was sent to his room along with Boris The Florist due to Mr. Herriman trying to keep everyone from finding out about the hidden carrots.

Setting A President - Was seen in the crowd with the other imaginary friends cheering for Frankie.

Cuckoo For Coco Cards - Was seen at the table with Sunset Junction. He also has a trading card and a bobblebody of himself.

The Big Picture - Socket Tubey was one of the imaginary friends that was in the picture.

I Only Have Surprise For You - Was one of the friends invited to the surprise party/Artie's party.

The Big Cheese - Was seen locked out of the house with the other imaginary friends, and one of the friends that was chasing Cheese.

Good Wilt Hunting - Was seen at the reunion changing the channels for his creator, then stopped at a basketball game with everyone watching it.

Affair Weather Friends - Was one of the friends seen walking around the house before Mac, Bloo, and Barry/Berry came in.

Let Your Hare Down - Was one of the imaginary friends handling the flyers when Bloo and Mr. Herriman were missing.

Bloo Tube - Was seen with Boris The Florist and Sunset Junction watching Bloo slide down the indoor water slide.

The Bloo Superdude and The Great Creator of Everything - One of the friends that was invited to Mac's birthday party. He soon catches Bloo's flu and collapses on the ground.

Read em' and Weep - Was one of the friends panicking and setting a rescue mission.

Bad Dare Day - Was one of the imaginary friends at the tournament.

Goodbye To Bloo - Was one of the imaginary friends that signed the card. It is also revealed that is signature also includes a drawing of himself. Note: Last appearance.


His name is a pun on the phrase "Sock it to me!"


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