Poindexter Dorkface III

Poindexter is an imaginary Friend who appeared in "Room with a Feud" as a recently adopted friend. He is voiced by Keith Furgeson


As a living calculator, he is very intelligent, being able to factor the odds of his adoption to a T. He also did his new 'friend', Moose's, homework for him about the time he was adopted so he's also fairly knowledgable of many subjects. he is also fairly skilled with a paddleball, as he is able to do it quite quickly.


Appears to be about average human height with a yellow head and a dark orange torso with various buttons on his chest and lower body, his entire form a large square calculator in appearance. He wears a red bowtie and has black eyes under a pair of round glasses that seem to be attached to his face, as well as black stick figure limbs. His mouth is his number screen, which glows each time he speaks.