Orlando Bloo is the charade character that Bloo dresses up as and pretends to be in three episodes.

From "Neighbor Pains"

The disguise is outrageous and barely works. In the episode Neighbor Pains, Bloo and Wilt disguise themselves as Orlando and said Frankie was his girlfriend, and that they had 64 children together, mentioning the names Ding Dong, Stupid, Vince, Oopsy, Carolina,and Blupper. He also said his twin brother is Wilt.

Orlando Bloo made his debut in "Frankie My Dear" where Bloo, Mac, and Chris the Pizza guy dressed up like Orlando to


From "Frankie My Dear"

stop Dylan from having Frankie to himself

. In this episode Orlando says again he previously was Frankie's boyfriend, and that they have been dating for 20 years, meaning Frankie was 2 when they started dating. He also stated they met when he was in Gazillion school, then going on to say he met Frankie at a roller blading competition, walked up to her and said "Hey baby I'm a Gazillionair," and they then started dating.


  • Orlando Bloo is a pun on the real life actor "Orlando Bloom."
  • In both episodes Orlando Bloo is in, he states he is or has been in a relationship with Frankie.

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