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One False Movie

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One False Movie
Season 3, Episode 10
Episode name pun on: One Flase Move
Airdate: March 3, 2006
Director: Craig McCracken
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"One False Movie" (episode number 37) is the 11th episode in season 3 of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends".


Mac makes a home movie about Foster's for his school project, but Bloo edits it into a humorous film with flatulent sound effects. This leads him to be entered in the state student film festival. With Bloo's help, they make "T-Rexatron Alienwolf III, A Prequel In Time: The Unrelenting" which costs them all the budget which causes Mac to steal from Madame Foster.


  • Bloo casts Tom Hanks in a minor part in T-Rexatron Alienwolf III, A Prequel In Time: The Unrelenting.
  • Eduardo's favorite TV show is "Lauren is Explorin'," an obvious spoof of "Dora The Explorer."
  • The director of Lauren is Explorin' is obviously drawn to resemble the creator of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Craig McCracken.
  • The voiceover in T-Rexatron Alienwolf III, A Prequel In Time: The Unrelenting spoofs numerous cliches used in movie trailers.
  • While making the film, Bloo is seen shooting a scene refferencing the bullet-time effect of The Matrix.
  • Bloo buys a megaphone that was supposedly owned by the famous director of the classic Hollywood era, Cecil B.
  • The online auction website Schmebay is a spoof of eBay.
  • This episode is not avaiable for purchase on the PlayStation Network.
  • According to Mac, T-Rexatron Alienwolf III, A Prequel In Time: The Unrelenting didn't have an ending. It also didn't have a plot.

Ending Credits

​While everyone was on the couch watching Lauren is Explorin'  with Eduardo he started to express his flatulence, the meaning for saying "Excuse me" (which he learned that from Lauren) and everyone became grossed from his flatus.

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