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Omnizot is one of the Space Nut Boogies created by Goo in the episode "Make Believe it or Not". Omnizot is known as the purple gorilla-octopus, of which is quite odd, yet very fitting. Although Wilt as Lord Snotzax claims to be the leader of the Space Nut Boogies, Omnizot is the general.


He, like the rest of his group, wears a jetpack, lava pants, and space-time undies. He also wears suspenders, a star-like plume on his head, wrist collars, and a star on his belt.


It is unknown what has happened to him and the other Space Nut Boogies after the end of the episode.

Aside from the episode in which they first appear, Omnizot and the other Space Nut Boogies also appear as the main antagonists in the video game "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders."


  • His facial structure is very similar to Mojo Jojo's from The Powerpuff Girls, a show that Craig McCrackken worked on before.

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