Part One

(it is raining hard outside. Everyone is playing with their electronics. Mac and bloo are plaing race car video games.)

Bloo: woah... here I come... ready or-

( bloo runs into mac's car, makeing both explode.)

Mac: Bloo!!!

Bloo: nõ hablas english.

(coco is shown playing records, wilt is on a website, and edwardo is making pies.)

Wilt: hey edwardo, wana play puppy panic online?

Edwardo: no, i'm too busy.

(starts singing)

Edwardo:pad it then prick it and mark it with a B, and put it in the oven for baby and me!

(goo enters)

Goo: omg! CanYouBeleveIt!? It'sRainingSoHardOutside! ButDontWorryCuseIBroughtTheCOOLESTIndorActivityEVER!!!-KAREOKE!!!!!

(nobudy listens)

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