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Mac & Terrence's Mother

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Mac's Mom
Mac's Mother
Talking with Mac
Gender: Female
Age: 30 estimate
Species: Human
Eye color:      
Family: Parents:


Terrence (son)
Mac (son)


Creator: Craig McCracken
First appearance: "House of Bloo's"
Episode count: 5
Voiced by: Grey DeLisle

Mac & Terrence's Mother is the mother of Mac and Terrence. Her husband is never seen or mentioned; therefore it is deductible that they are either divorced or he is deceased. In House of Bloo's, she wanted Mac to give up Bloo because she thought he was too old to have an imaginary friend. She doesn't know Mac goes to Foster's everyday to see him, as revealed in Infernal Slumber; Mac keeps this secret. Terrence often tries to tell his mother that Mac didn't give up Bloo, but due to his dishonest nature, she does not believe him, and ground him for no reason.


In the show itself, she was portrayed similarly to Ms. Sara Bellum from The Powerpuff Girls; her face was never shown (except as a news reporter in "The Big Cheese"), but she can be seen from her hair in the back of her head and her back of her neck. Her face was also not seen by an object that Mac's bullying older brother Terrence shows in I Only Have Surprise for You (which marks the final on-screen appearance of Mac & Terrence's Mother). Mac & Terrence's Mother appears as a news reporter in The Big Cheese, but in a significantly different character design.

Grey DeLisle provides her voice throughout the following episodes where she appears: House of Bloo's Parts 1-3, Duchess of Wails (where she hated Duchess), A Lost Claus (christmas movie G rated), Infernal Slumber, and The Big Cheese, her one job is a news reporter. As Bloo says in House of Bloo's Part 1, she dosen't come home until 12:00, and 15 jobs everyday of the week, including Sundays and Saturdays.


  • It is revealed that in House of Bloo's Parts 1-3, she once had an imaginary friend as a child (not revealed who though) and no longer have him/her.
  • A running gag in the series is the fact that her face was never shown.

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