Teacher (FHFIF)2


Mac's Teacher is a minor character and the teacher at Mac's school. She's usually seen anytime Mac is seen at school.


Mac's teacher is of African-American descent. She has black hair, orange shirt and shoes, and tan-colored pants.

Episode Appearances


  • She only appears in 3 episodes.
  • Her appearance in Emancipation Complication is very different than her previous appearances. While in "Bloo's Brothers" and "One False Movie" she was a calm teacher with a slight sense of humor, she appears as very aggressive and mean in Emancipation Complication.
  • She's referenced on African-American actress Niketa Calame or Yvette Nicole Brown.
  • She appears to dislike Imaginary Friends in Emancipation Complication, while in previous episodes she seemed to like them.
  • Other than Goo she's the only other character of Color see in the show.
  • She is not present on the seasons 5 and 6.

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