Part One

Part Two



Mac: Bloo, what did you do now?

Bloo: They're trying to kill me! The fleas are trying to burn me down!

Frankie: That's crazy. They're insects. They have no idea you even exist.

Mr. Herriman: True, and besides, even if they knew you did exist, they would not be able to start a fire, for they are nothing more than filthy miners and savage creatures. (the fleas jump on Mr. Herriman) Ahh! What's going on?! Help! Oh! Oh! (the fleas use Mr. Herriman's hand to slap him) Oh, oh, ah! What is happening?

Fleas: Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!

Wilt: They can talk?

Frankie: They're not real fleas. They're imaginary! And they've taken over Mr. Herriman!

Fleas: Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!

Mr. Herriman: I cannot stop! They're being ironic by even implying that I'm doing it to myself!

Fleas: Attention people of Fosters! We've taken your leader hostage!

Bloo: Step aside, step aside. I'll talk to them. They love me. (the fleas punch Bloo) Ow!

Fleas: Shut it, Bloo! We do not love you! You destroyed our city! And now we will destroy your leader, or at least make him keep hitting himself, unless you let us live in peace!

Mr. Herriman: Well, you can't live on me! (the fleas punch Mr. Herriman) Ow!

Fleas: We don't want to! We've seen your methods!

Frankie: Listen up, flea guys. You can't live on any of our... (the fleas punch Frankie) Ow!

Fleas: And you were his accomplice! Trying to kill us with powders and collars and baths! We don't trust any of you! There's only one friend we will negotiate with!

(Cut to Eduardo still hiding in the closet)

Eduardo: No, I'm not coming out!

Frankie: Eduardo, please. They'll only talk to you.

Eduardo: It's too embarrassing! I have no fur! I am a hideous freak! A hideous, nude freak!

Mr. Herriman: You want your flea friends to be happy, don't you? Please? I'm begging you! (chokes)

Eduardo: Ok, but they come in. I no come out.

(Frankie opens the door and the fleas drag Mr. Herriman inside the closet)

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