Jordan Michaels
Jordan Michaels
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
Species: Human
Eye color:      
Family: Wilt (imaginary friend)
First appearance: "Good Wilt Hunting"
Episode count: 1
Voiced by: Phil LaMarr

Jordan Michaels is a man who wasn't very good at basketball as a boy, so he created Wilt. He appeared in "Good Wilt Hunting." He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

With Wilt's help, Jordan became unbeatable. For a whole year, they were unstoppable. However, a jealous boy created Foul Larry (a double pun on former Boston Celtics star Larry Bird, and the penalty known as a "foul" in basketball) a giant with a basketball head. Jordan and Wilt faced off against them, and they were ahead 48-47 until Larry went in for a final shot. Wilt was ready to defend, but Jordan was right under Larry when he jumped.


A young Jordan sad about losing the game.

Wilt, setting aside the victory, rushed in and pushed Jordan out of the way just as Larry came down, saving Jordan's life, but crushing Wilt's left arm, leaving it the length it is now. The ball went through the basket and knocked his left eye, bending it into its current shape. (It is still unknown how he got his scars, but they seem to have been acquired shortly thereafter.) Jordan was so upset about the loss, that Wilt, distraught, ran away.


Jordan reunites with Wilt.

It wasn't until Stats, the score keeper, told Jordan what happened that he went to look for Wilt, but all he found was the wristband from Wilt's broken arm. Jordan went on to become a professional basketball star, and while filming an ad in Japan was found by Mac, Bloo, Frankie Foster, Coco, Eduardo, Nina Valerosa, and the scientists who researched Coco (Douglas and Adam) who looked for him after Wilt left to take on Foul Larry and he saved Wilt from getting hurt by foul larry, an exact mirror of how he was being saved. The two were reunited, and Wilt promised to visit Jordan whenever he wanted.


  • Jordan Michaels' whole appearance and name is a parody of real NBA star Michael Jordan.