Alias: Friend, Buddy, Man
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
Species: Imaginary Friend
Eye color:      
Family: Stevie (creator), Stevie's mother
Creator: Stevie
First appearance: "Sight for Sore Eyes"
Episode count: 1
Voiced by: Kevin McDonald

Ivan is a seeing-eye friend, who was created by Stevie and has over a hundred eyes. His first and only appearance is "Sight for Sore Eyes." In the episode he was lost at a party in Van Dyke Park (a pun on musician Van Dyke Parks), after Stevie's mother took a flash photograph of both him and his creator, blinding and disorienting Ivan - who panicked and started running in random directions. After much searching on the part of Mac and Bloo, he was eventually returned, only for the incident to happen all over again. He is voiced by Kevin McDonald.


  • Ivan's golden trading card statistics in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Leapster game include:
    • Doesn't have x-ray vision.
    • Can see in the dark.
    • Doesn't like flashbulbs from cameras.
    • Is the Imaginary Friend of Stevie.

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