The creators of Foster's seem to be a big fan of Homestar Runner, a popular internet cartoon. They have made many references to it in their episodes.

  • During the episode "Bloo's Brothers," a Bloo clone that looks very similar to Homestar appears very briefly. This version reappears in a mini-game in "Big Fat Awesome House Party."
  • The ending of the episode "A Sight For Sore Eyes" is very similar to Old Intro 2.
  • In "Duchess of Wails," there's an orange imaginary friend that looks like Trogdor.
  • In "Infernal Slumber," both Bloo and Goo talk about "killer Pooooooosssssssumssss," dragging the word out much like in "Teen Girl Squad Issue 3," (Goo pronounces it exactly like Strong Bad).
  • In "Squeakerboxxx," one of the prizes is a clock that looks exactly like Strong Bad' s, complete with 12:00 as the time.
  • Also in this episode, Wilt suggests "Harry Elephanté" as a possible name for the elephant, just like Strong Bad called Strong Sad in "origins."
  • In "The Big Leblooski," in the skill crane is a prize that looks like a Strong Bad head.
  • In "One False Movie," Wilt says "robit" several times like The Homestar Runner in "20X6 vs. 1936."  However, as this is a common "old-timey" pronunciation of the word, it is unclear whether this is a Homestar reference.