Goofball John McGee
Goofball John Mcgee
Alias: My Fine Figment, The New Guy
Gender: Male
Age: N/A
Species: Imaginary Friend
Eye color:      
Family: John Larry McGee (creator) and Mr. and Mrs. McGee
Creator: John Larry McGee
First appearance: "Imposter's Home for Um... Make 'Em Up Pals"
Episode count: 1
Voiced by: Tom Kenny

Goofball John McGee is an imaginary friend who made his only appearance in the episode, "Imposter's Home for Um... Make 'Em Up Pals." He is voiced by Tom Kenny. He also appears in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friend's Leapster game as an imaginary friend you need to help find items for.


Goofball acts throughout the episode as a jerky teenager just wanting to have things done for him. He mainly acts as a jerk towards Frankie by making her job harder than usual. He comes off as a slacker just wanting everything done for him. There is also a very subtle hint that he may have done things as payback for Frankie yelling at Bloo, as his high five with Bloo proved they were in on it together. at the end when Frankie and Goofball both apologize when he is shown to be a true imaginary friend.

Goofball has a huge appetite and rationalizes his decision to have eaten all the food in the Foster's Home fridge by claiming that he's a growing big boy. Or it could be because he has an elephant trunk for a nose, he is hungry all the time and eats just as frequently as an elephant.


He has red hair with two pieces of hair sticking up and has a trunk-like nose. He also wears clown shoes, clown nose (that hides his elephant trunk) torn shorts and Fake Out concert T-Shirt.


  • Goofball has been criticized for his painfully obvious human-like design, which is made even worse by his actions. And even during the episode were hints that possibly he wasn't a true Imaginary Friend:
    • When Goofball comes to Foster and Frankie asks his name, he had to think his name, implying that he faked his so called "imaginary friend" name.
    • Goofball's attitude was the typical teen human attitude, not the colorful and bizarre attitude of an imaginary friend.
    • Goofball forced Frankie to do his homework, showing that he goes to school despite being an imaginary friend, apparently.
    • Goofball has teen friends that have similar attitudes to him, and also one of them called him John, implying that Goofball isn't his true name, though it could be his middle name.
    • When Frankie confronts Goofball regarding to his creator, he had to think the name of his creator, and he didn't know the phone number of his creator either, despite his claims that he and his creator were "very close".
    • When Frankie begins to yell at Goofball saying that she is no longer going to do any of his chores and homework because she knows that Goofball is not an Imaginary Friend due to her finding a clown nose on a floor, Goofball seemed scared, was gasping in horror and was even hiding his nose with his hands.
    • He, besides Mac, can see through the "Goof Goof" disguise of Frankie, while the rest of the Imaginary Friends were easily fooled by her costume, implying that Goofball was actually a human like Frankie and Mac, though in theory, it is possible that Mac secretly betrayed Frankie and told Goofball off-screen that Frankie was going undercover as Goof Goof.
    • When Frankie ultimately snaps and gives chase to Goofball at the end of the episode after he mocks her for missing the Fake-Outs, Goofball attempted to keep Frankie from pulling off his clown nose, suggesting that he has a normal human nose.
    • By all of these hints however, many fans were extremely outrage with the final part in that Goofball was revealed that he was in fact a true Imaginary Friend. Fans think that this ending was a forced plot twist just to bash Frankie in the head to avoid that she can get justice by the unfairly treatment that she must endure in the episode. As such, not only does this entire ending male Frankie look like a horrible person in front of everybody, but it also made all of these possible hints beyond pointless and made all of the fans look like complete fools for even believing that he was a human.
      • This twist makes it even worst, as Goofball's elephant trunk is way too thick and large to fit inside of a small little clown nose that's the size of a small marble, and though out the episode when we see Goofball from the sides, it looks like a human nose, so it is possible (combining with the hints) that they were originally going to make Goofball be revealed that he was in fact a human, but decided to change it for some unexplained reason.
      • What's probably the most criticized thing about this twist is, if Goofball really was an Imaginary Friend, then this begs the question to many fans and critics as why he didn't show Frankie the elephant trunk proving her that he was an Imaginary Friend in the first place.
  • Despite being considered one of the most hated characters of the series (even more so then Bendy), some fans think that in the episode "Imposter's Home for Um... Make 'Em Up Pals", Bloo and Mr Herriman were the true antagonists, and deserve more disliked than Goofball.
    • In the case with Bloo, It is heavily implied that the reason for Goofball to pester Frankie in the episode was because of Bloo, as early Frankie threat Bloo with punish him if he try to pester her during their chores, then perhaps Bloo persuade Goofball to pester Frankie like a loophole to her warning, even this implication is more obvious to see Goofball and Bloo hive five each other, showing that both are in the same league.
    • In the case of Mr. Herriman, he treated Frankie more badly than in other episodes, even forcing her to do all the chores alone when previously were showed that the Imaginary Friends help with the chores. He is also hated by his hypocritic attitude, because Mr. Herriman normally openly critic and punish the actions of Bloo, yet he was too considerable with the obvious bad actions of Goofball and even he have the nerve of use to Frankie like a scapegoat by the actions of Goofball, or punish her unfairly by the actions of Goofball, making Mr. Herriman probably the most hated character in the series.
  • Goofball McGee's silver trading card statistics in the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Leapster game include:
    • Was named after his creator John 'Larry' McGee.
    • Also likes 'The Fake-Outs.'
    • Full name is Goofball 'John' McGee.