This is a list of all of Goo's Imaginary Friends.


  • Orange Bloos: Goo made a ton of orange Bloos. Each one had a feature that the last didn't. (For instance: One with a nose, one with a nose and lipstick, eon with a nose, lipstick, and wings, one with a nose, lipstick, wings, and a third eye, one with a nose, lipstick, wings, a third eye, and giant ears etc.)
  • Bla Bla Bla Bla: Frankie covered up Goo's mouth to stop her from creating more imaginary friends, making her speak a bunch of gibberish, and all her imaginary friends turned out being some random, goofy looking, creatures who only spoke that exact kind of gibberish.
  • Horsey Mc. Artsy Clown: A blue horse with purple polka dots and a clown wig.
  • Mr. Confetti: A giant pink creature with a top hat and a tuxedo. He had some extra arms with scissors. He can make a bunch of rainbow paper blast out of his hat and then cut it all cup with scissors to make confetti.
  • Three Mouthed Squirrel: A squirrel with three mouths.
  • Icey Creamey: A walking, talking freezer of ice cream.
  • Volco: A mini-volcano person.
  • Stuffy and Puffy: Two white cloudy puff ball twins.


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