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Alias: Princess Hilary Britney Lollipop Star, Girl, Sir, Miss Goo, Fowl Wench, Beautiful Pop Star
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Species: Human
Family: Parents (mentioned in "Go Goo Go"), Uncle Joe
First appearance: "Go Goo Go"
Episode count: 11 full episodes and one short.
Voiced by: Grey Griffin

Goo is a fictional character from the Cartoon Network animated television series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, voiced by Grey Griffin. She's extremely talkative, odd, and obnoxious, but at the same time incredibly imaginative, energetic, lively, enthusiastic, playful, creative, fun-loving, and nice.


The fast-talking windbag named Goo Goo Ga Ga (called Goo for short and referred by her full name only in her first appearance "Go Goo Go") has a hyperactive imagination and is always seen wearing her hair in three braids, with a rainbow shirt, overalls and yellow boots. Whenever she went near Foster's, she became over-stimulated and created scores of new imaginary friends. She was therefore banned from the house indefinitely.

Unaware of the rule, Mac brought her inside after an incident involving an eight-man toboggan stuck in a tree that Bloo needed (even though it was the middle of June, it was a long story that he didn't feel like telling), which broke the strap on his backpack. In any case, after seeing Bloo, she imagined up a hoarde of similar versions, all with one extra feature or another. After Bloo let her in the next day, Frankie and Mr. Herriman got the mistaken impression that Mac let her in (and that he was in love with her, much to his growing annoyance/anger).

After Goo filled the house with so many friends that it became unlivable, Frankie and Mr. Herriman said that Mac shouldn't come to Foster's anymore probably ever because they believed Mac was responsible for Goo always coming there. Because of this, Mac finally snapped and let it out on her saying that he doesn't like her and tells her that she's annoying, weird and talks too much and too fast because she's a chatterbox and that everyone thinks/knows she is a nuisance and want her to just go home. Goo begins to cry as Mac can see her sad face already feeling bad right away and she drops the box with his backpack in front of him and runs away to the bedroom where Bloo sleeps after Mac yelled at her. However, he apologized shortly afterwards for yelling at her and hurting her feelings. Mac saw that she fixed his backpack and told her to stop imagining so many friends in order to get to know the ones she already created. From then on, she learned to control her imagination and was welcome at Foster's. Her name is a reference to the stereotypical sound that a baby makes. Her parents, who don't believe in "stifling her creative mind," allowed her to pick her own name as an infant.

Though she has committed herself to not make any more imaginary friends, she still sometimes does so accidentally or to sometimes help with something, and has devoted herself in making sure her scores of imagined friends have a place to live. Since her debut, Goo has become a recurring character on the series.

Goo might actually be the most powerful human in the Foster's universe. Her extreme and unbridled imagination can allow her to create any imaginary friend to suit her desire, from several friends to help create a paper mashay pony, to an out of control living car jack. She could practically create an entire army at a whim.

Episode Appearances

Foster's Shorts

Bad to the Phone

Goo makes a cameo in the short "Bad to the Phone," helping Bloo come up with a new recording message for the phone, along with a bunch of other imaginary friends such as Wilt, Clumsy, Sunset Junction, and the Bloo clones from "Bloo's Brothers."

Big Fat Awesome House Party

Since September 2006, Goo has been a regular in the interactive Foster's game Big Fat Awesome House Party, as she creates "buddies" that can be earned in the mini-games or by doing certain chores.

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  • Goo is voiced by Grey Griffin, who also voices Frankie and Mac's Mom.
  • She appeared briefly in The Grim Adventures of the KND crossover, appearing as one of the characters the Delightful Reaper assimilated.
  • Goo bears some similarities to Mac, both having little friends outside of Fosters. As well as being the only two human characters that are children to visit Fosters regularly.
  • Goo only cameos in one short.
  • Goo makes most of her appearances during Season 4.
  • Goo's golden trading card statistics from the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Leapster game include:
    • Likes imagination.
    • Is NOT Mac's girlfriend.
    • Gave Mac a new backpack.
    • Likes her reorganization of Foster's Adopt-A-Thought Saturday.
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