LHAct 1

Scene 1: Foster's Foyer

Wilt, Coco, Eduardo, and Bloo are seen sitting on a couch with Frankie and Herriman speaking to them both.

  • Frankie: Do you guys know why I gathered you here today?
  • Eduardo: You es getting a Divorce?
  • Frankie: What? No! Ed, I'm not even married.
  • Eduardo: Oh! That is a big relief.
  • Frankie: Mr. Herriman and I are having some very important people over for a very important party.
  • Bloo: I'm there!
  • Frankie: [impatiently] Bloo
  • Bloo: Ya gotta let me come, I'm the life of every party!

Bloo starts singing and dancing.

  • Bloo: ♪Ain't no party like a Blooregard Party 'cause the Blooregard Party don't stop! Ain't no party like a Blooregard Party 'cause the Blooregard Party don't--♪

Frankie cuts off Bloo.

  • Frankie: Stop! None of you are coming. It's For Grown-ups only.
  • Wilt: I'm Sorry but is there anything we can do to help with the party?
  • Frankie: Why yes Wilt, there is. You can all help me very much by behaving
  • Bloo: Oh Please, when've we ever not behaved?
  • Frankie: [reproachfully] You're right, I'm gonna have to be way less vague. Here's the rule, while the Party's going on, you cannot set foot on the First Floor.
  • Coco: Coco cococo?
  • Frankie: You can pick. Either go upstairs, or stay outside.
  • Eduardo: Hmm. That es a muy hard decision.
  • Bloo: Do you mind if my associates an' I have a moment to discuss it?

Frankie groans and allows the others to decide. Bloo and the others huddle together and talk in privacy. Wilt briefly pokes his eye out to see if Frankie is looking at them. Frankie is looking impatiently at them, tapping her foot.

  • Frankie: Guys, it's not that hard. Guys? Guys!

Bloo and the others un-huddle.

  • Bloo: Okay. We've made a decision, aaand the decision is: We'd like to try out the outside before we make a decision.
  • Frankie: Try out?-- You were outside yesterday!
  • Bloo: Eeexactly, a whooole day ago, and who knows how much has changed since then. Pleeeeease? [gets on his knees and begs. Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo get on their knees and beg too] It would help so much.

Scene 2: Foster's Front Yard

Everyone in the gathering is now seen outside. Frankie is on the porch looking unamused while Eduardo, Coco, and Wilt are seen stretching. Bloo is seen withering on the ground in comfort. Bloo and the other imaginary friends look relaxed.

  • Frankie: Guys.
  • Bloo: Just one more minute.

Bloo and the friends breath in and out in comfort.

  • Bloo: Done. Now all that's left is to try out the upstairs.

Frankie looks anger and frustrated.

  • Bloo: It wouldn't be fair to try one and not the other!

Scene 3: Bloo's Room

Everyone in the gathering is now seen in Bloo's room doing the exact same activities as they did outside. This time, Frankie is against the doorway.

  • Frankie: Guys, seriously. I have a lot of work to do.
  • Bloo: Just one more minute.

Bloo and the friends breath in and out in comfort again.

  • Bloo: Done.
  • Frankie: Good, now will you please pick.
  • Bloo: Just as soon as we go back downstairs

Frankie looks more frustrated than before.

  • Bloo: You can't expect us to decide here! It wouldn't be fair to the outside!

Scene 4: Foster's Foyer

Everyone is back in the Lobby. Frankie is still waiting for Bloo and the others to decide what they want to do. She briefly looks at her watch.

  • Bloo: Okay, we've made a decision.
  • Frankie: Finally!
  • Bloo: Aaaaand that decision iiiiiis.. We'd like the night t'sleep on it
  • Frankie: NO! The party is happening today! Look, you obviously don't care where you go, so I'm picking for you. Everybody outside! [tries to lead them to the doorway outside]
  • Bloo, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo: NO!

Bloo, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo are now seen begging and protesting to Frankie not to have them be left outside. Frankie looks confused.

  • Frankie: Then you can go upstairs?

Bloo and the others sigh and thank Frankie in relief, each one hugs her in gratitude for letting them stay inside as they each go back to Bloo's room.

Scene 5: Bloo's Room

Bloo, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo are now seen looking outside their window, looking regretful.

  • Bloo: We've made a horrible, horrible mistake [Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo nod in agreement] What were we thinking? Outside you got the whole wide World, the Mountains, the Oceans, the Sea. Here we are, stuck in this tiny house, with these tiny walls closing in all around, barely enough oxygen to survive.

Bloo starts gagging, overreacting to being unable to be outside.

  • Bloo: I'm talking t'Frankie!

Bloo, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo all leave their room and run off to try and change their mind to Frankie.

  • Bloo: There's plenty of time before the party. We'll just have t'explain to Frankie that we've made a mistake an--

Bloo and the others peak out from besides the stairs leading down to the lobby, only to find that the party has already started. The Lobby is now filled with many guests who all look rich. Frankie, who is not dressed in her black dress, and Mr. Herriman are seen welcoming in other guests to the party. Bloo and the others run back to their room.

  • Eduardo: [panting] Ay Carumba. That party start muy fast!
  • Wilt: Wow, I wonder how much other stuff Frankie would get done if we weren't around.
  • Coco: Co, Cocococococococo.
  • Bloo: [exaggerated] What'd you mean "make the best of it?" How can we do that? It's horrible up here! [lies on his back in frustration]
  • Wilt: I'm sorry but, I mean, I know it's not as good as the outside but we can play this board game.

Wilt grabs a board game from off the top of his Locker and Eduardo takes off its's top party to see what's inside.

  • Wilt: Sorry, guess we can't play anyway, the dice're missing.

Scene 6: Foster's Foyer

Frankie and Mr. Herriman are seen still welcoming in other guests to the party.

  • Mr. Herriman: Miss Francis, captail idea holding a party for all these potential doners.
  • Frankie: Yeah, well I figured it was the easiest way to get money for the house.
  • Mr. Herriman: And I for one think it is well worth the risk.
  • Frankie: [confused and concerned] Risk?
  • Mr. Herriman: Certainly, Foster's could not survive without the kindness of strangers such as these. If today is a disaster in any way, shape or form, we shall see narry a penny from them ever again. The house will close, everyone will be kicked out, and it shall all be on your head.
  • Frankie: [shocked] Wow, I really haven't thought of that. [chuckles to loosen up] No it will be fine, I mean, what could go--

Frankie is cut off by loud banging and rustling heard upstairs. Mr. Herriman also looks up at the commotion and Frankie runs off to see where it's coming from.

Scene 7: Bloo's Room

Bloo and the other Imaginary Friends are seen searching the room for Dice. Eduardo is seen looking in a drawer while tossing clothes out of it, Wilt is seen looking inside his locker, Bloo and Coco are seen moving the bunk-beds around while is seen tossing away the mattress, blankets, and pillows. Frankie walks into the commotion and get hit by a stray pillow.

  • Bloo: No dice, No dice, No dice, No dice, No dice, No dice, No dice!
  • Frankie: What are you doing?!
  • Wilt: Oh. Hey, Frankie we're just looking for some dice for my game if that's okay.
  • Frankie: No, it's not okay! You're making way to much noise!
  • Coco: [frustrated] Co co co cococococo co cococo!
  • Frankie: Why don't you just lay some?
  • Coco: [invigoratly] Coco!

Coco lays an egg, Bloo opens it and it has a pair of dice in them.

  • Bloo: Foound them!
  • Frankie: Good, now just play your game and don't make me come up here again.

Frankie leaves their room.

Scene 8: Foster's Foyer

Frankie rejoins Mr. Herriman.

  • Frankie: I talked to them, it's all under--
  • Bloo, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo: [from the upstairs] GO BLINKO! GO BLINKO! GO BLINKO! GO BLINKO!

This time, Frankie is cut off by the group loudly chanting "Go Blinko!" upstairs. Mr. Herriman and the Guests looks up at the commotion and Frankie runs off again.

Scene 9: Bloo's Room/Hallways

Frankie runs in to see Bloo, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo all playing their boarding while chanting:

  • Frankie: [throwing herself onto the boardgame to quiet it down] What'd I just come up here and say?!
  • Bloo: We can't make noise looking for dice.
  • Frankie: No! You can't ANY noise at all!
  • Bloo, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo: OOOHHHH...
  • Bloo: Why didn't you just say so?
  • Coco: [angrily] Co cocococo?!
  • Frankie: I don't care what you do as long as it's quiet!

Frankie takes the Board Game with her as she slams the door to Bloo's room. Per Frankie's request, the gang is now seen doing quieter activities. Eduardo is seen playing with a stuffed bunny, Wilt is seen dusting a Chandelier, Coco is seen reading a book (which is upside down), and Bloo is seen laying on the floor, looking bored. As Bloo is laying down a beam of light is seen casting against him, causing Bloo to shield his eyes from the light. Drawn in by the light from outside. Bloo approaches the window and is tempted by the outside landscape. Bloo now looks paranoid and tempted by the outside.

  • Bloo: I can't take it anymore!

In a panic, Bloo shuts the blinds to the windows, making the scene pitch black. All that can be seen are everyone's eyes. Eduardo shouts in fear.

  • Eduardo: There is un Eclipse!
  • Wilt: It's not an eclipse Ed, Bloo just shut the curtains.
  • Bloo: I had to, the outside was mocking me.
  • Coco: [confused] Co coco coco co?
  • Bloo: Hold your horses, where was that Trouble Light?

The scene is now a bright, white, hue. Eduardo and Wilt are seen shielding their eyes as Coco looks stunned by the brightness of the light. Bloo is seen reading a book while holding onto said Trouble Light.

  • Bloo: Six-pack ads in six minutes a day?

While turning pages to the book, the Trouble Light malfunctions and the book Bloo is holding catches on fire. Bloo shouts in terror.

  • Bloo: AAHHH!! Hot hot hot!

Bloo throws the Trouble Light and Book into a nearby trashcan in their room. Bloo and the other friends now look panic-stricken.

  • Eduardo: Fire! There is a fire! FRANKIE!! THERE IS A FI--
  • Bloo: [hops onto Ed to stop him] Are you crazy?! Frankie told us we have to be quiet!
  • Wilt: Don't worry! I'll put it out!

Wilt runs down the hallway and sees a Fire Extinquisher.

  • Wilt: [reading the sign above the Extinquisher]' "Break in case of an Emergency" Well, I guess this is an Emergency. I mean, unless something else happens and it's a bigger emergency and we should break the glass then...
  • Coco: [impatiantly] Co coco!

Coco grabs the mallet next to the Extinquisher ready to break the glass but is stopped by Bloo.

  • Bloo: Break glass? Are you crazy?! That's gonna be way too loud!
  • Coco: [panicked] Coco cococo co co co!
  • Eduardo: Water! Water is muy quiet to put out the fire!

Bloo and the other run to a nearby Bathroom and prepare to turn on the shower to fill up a bucket of water. However when they hear how loud the shower is starting up, the friends hush Ed to lower its intensity. Unfortunately the shower is too loud and Ed is forced to turn it off.

  • Eduardo: The pipes, they have no inside voices!

Suddenly a loud beeping is heard and the friends run back to their room to see where it's coming from. Wilt looks up to see that their Smoke Detector has gone off.

  • Wilt: It's the Smoke Detector!

Bloo hops onto Coco, while Coco is lifted onto Wilt's Shoulders, while Eduardo lifts Wilt onto his own shoulders. With Bloo at the top, he manages to turn off the Smoke Detector from making anymore noise. Jackie Khones comes in to see the fire in their room, he is eating a sandwich.

  • Jackie Khones: You got a fire in your room.
  • Bloo, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo: [silently] WE KNOW!!
  • Jackie Khones: Okay.

Jackie Khones walks away as the other friends begin pleading with him not to leave and for him to help. However, their pleas are stopped when the Smoke Detector goes off again, forcing them to try and turn it off again.

Scene 10: Foster's Foyer

Frankie is seen consorting with a rich Doner. As she is seen listening to him, she then glances behind him to see Jackie Khone dragging a big bucket of water from the Kitchen to the upstairs.

  • Doner #1: Now I'm not one for charity qua charity but, at times money just has to be spent--
  • Frankie: [chuckles] Could you excuse me a moment?

Frankie goes to check on Jackie.

  • Frankie: Jackie, is everything okay?
  • Jackie Khones: Yeah. Pipes are too loud upstairs so Bloo and them asked me to get some water from down here.
  • Frankie: [confused] Why do they need water?

Scene 11: Bloo's Room

Bloo and the others are seen losing their balance trying to put out the Smoke Detector from before. Frankie is seen rushing into their room with the bucket of water and quickly puts out the fire with it.

  • Wilt: Thanks Frankie, but you didn't have to do that. We had it under control.
  • Frankie: [angrily] YOU CALL THIS UNDER CONTROL?!!

Bloo shushes Frankie for making noise upstairs.

  • Frankie: There was a fire in your room!
  • Bloo: What else do you expect us to do? You trap us up here with all these rules, when all we really wanna do is be outside!
  • Frankie: You wanna go out?!

Scene 12: Foster's Front Yard

Bloo, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo are now seen in Foster's Front Yard, having been put out there by an irate Frankie.

  • Frankie: There! Now stay out!!!

Frankie storms back into the Main Lobby.

  • Bloo: [joyously] We're OUTSIIIIIIIIIIIDA!!!!!!

Coco is seen jumping and nestling herself into a pile of leaves. Wilt is seen swinging around in some trees, Eduardo is seen playing a girl's skip-rope type toy, and Bloo is seen playing with a Hula Hoop. Wilt is then briefly seen playing with a Basketball as Coco is seen running past him. Mac shortly appears and sees Bloo playing with the Hula Hoop. Mac looks confused.

  • Mac: Bloo, are you okay?
  • Bloo: [elated] I'm better than okay Mac, I'm outside! Isn't it glorious? The sun on your face, the grass between your toes, the wind in your hair!
  • Mac: You don't have hair.
  • Bloo: That's where you're wrong Mac. Outside, everyone has hair!
  • Mac: [excited] Yeah? Well I got something even better than outside.
  • Bloo: [doubtfully] Please, that'll be the--

Bloo and the other imaginary friends peer inside Mac's backpack to see that it is full of Video Games.

  • Bloo: [In awe] You brought a bag full of Video Games?
  • Mac: They're my brother, Terrence's. He let me borrow 'em for the day if I don't tell mom he started a fire in the house. [snickers] Can you believe he did that? Anyway, lets go upstairs and play them!
  • Bloo: Upstairs?
  • Mac: Yeah, that's where the TV and Video Game Player are right?
  • Bloo: [regretfully] It's... All... Upstairs...

Bloo, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo all look back at Foster's, now regretful that they have been kicked out by Frankie.

  • Bloo: We've made a horrible, horrible mistake...

Act 2

Scene 13: Foster's Front Yard

Mac, Bloo, and the other Imaginary Friends are seen in front of the house, picking up where the episode previously left off.

  • Bloo: What were we thinking? Upstairs is way better than outside! An' now, here was are, stuck under the hot, hot sun, gross grass between our toes, with no hair on our heads, an' no way to play Mac's awesome, awesome Video Games!
  • Mac: Guys, please. Frankie is a reasonable person. I-I'm sure she'll let us upstairs if we ask.

Scene 14: Foster's Foyer/Porch

Frankie is seen at an alter talking to all of the House's guests.

  • Frankie: So you see, for the price of a cup of Coffee everyday. You can make a major difference in the life of an Imaginary Friend. Although if you want to give even more money than that--

Frankie is interrupted by knocking on the door.

  • Frankie: Excuse me a moment.

Frankie angrily opens the door to see Bloo with the others.

  • Bloo: Hey Frankie, Mac showed up and he's got these Video Games--
  • Frankie: [whispers frustratedly] Don't knock on the door!

Frankie slams the door on the group and goes to return to the alter. Just as she is about to speak, she is cut off from the door-bell ringing, to which she answers the door to see it's still Bloo and the others.

  • Bloo: --and we really wanted to play them so we were thinking--
  • Frankie: [whispers more frustratedly] Don't ring the Door Bell!

Frankie slams the door on the group and goes to return to the alter. She is then seen unrolling a poster of Jackie Khones looking upset as the text on it reads "Eye ain't got nobody - Please help". Frankie is then interrupted by her Cell Phone going off, to which she hides behind the poster to answer it, only to reveal that it's Bloo again. The Guests all look confused.

  • Bloo: --maybe if you can let us walk on the first floor, just once to go upstairs...
  • Frankie: [whispers angrily] Absolutely not! You wanted to go outside, so I put you outside! You made your beds, now you're gonna lie in 'em!

Mac, Bloo, and the other Imaginary Friends are seen packed inside of a Phone Booth.

  • Eduardo: [confused and concerned] We have to make our bed? I didn't know that was a rule!
  • Frankie: I have a party to attend to, and the party must go on! DON'T CALL HERE AGAIN!!

Frankie hangs up and discards the poster, acting as if nothing happened.

  • Frankie: [chuckles nervously] Wrong Number.

Scene 15: Foster's Front Yard

Mac, Bloo, and the others walk back to Foster's Front Yard.

  • Wilt: I'm sorry, but I guess we'll have to wait outside.
  • Eduardo: But I no make my bed, and Señora Frankie says I have to make so that I could lie in it! We must get to the upstairs!
  • Coco: [concerned] Co cococo cococo?
  • Bloo: [looks up and sees an open window] Look! That's how we'll can get upstairs without touching the first floor!
  • Wilt: I'm sorry, but how're we gonna get way up there?

Bloo notices a drain pipe and begins climbing it.

  • Bloo: We'll climb this. It's perfect!
  • Mac: Bloo, are you sure Frankie would be okay with that?
  • Bloo: Mac, please, if she didn't want us to climb it, she would've made a rule. Plus, Frankie wants us to be happy. And there's nothin' that'll make us happier than playing your Video Games. Honestly, I think Frankie would be angry if we didn't climb this.

Bloo starts slipping on the drain pipe, leaving him unable to climb it.

  • Bloo: [groans] Dumb slippery Drain Pipe! You need claws t'climb this thing!

Bloo and the others glance at Eduardo with mischevious confidence. Eduardo looks at them nervously. Eduardo is next seen carrying Wilt, Coco, Mac, and Bloo as he is climbing up the Drain Pipe towards the open window.

  • Mac: You're doing great Ed, just one claw after the other.
  • Bloo: Yeah, and whatever you do, don't think about falling.

Eduardo freezes in fear.

  • Mac, Wilt, and Coco: BLOO!!
  • Bloo: What? I said don't think about falling. [To Eduardo] You can't fall if you don't think about it first.
  • Eduardo: [panting heavily] Don't think about-- [screams] I JUST THINK OF IT!!
  • Bloo: We're definitely falling now.
  • Eduardo: I don't wanna fall!!!

Eduardo starts sobbing in fear while shuddering violently, shaking everyone that's holding onto him. Eduardo's violent shuddering causing some bolts on the pipe to come loose, causing Eduardo and the others (who are still holding onto the pipe) to fall backwards to the ground as they all are screaming in terror. Inside Foster's Lobby, Mr. Herriman is now seen at the alter, speaking to the guests.

  • Mr. Herriman: Rest assured. Any donations you make today would directly benefit a friend, as the hourse itself is in tip-top shape.

Eduardo and the others outside are seen hung upside-down, still holding onto the pipe. Mr. Herriman looks at everyone else and closes to the blinds to the windows outside.

  • Bloo: Told ya we're gonna fall.
  • Eduardo: Now we never get to the upstairs.
  • Coco: [Ideally] Co cococo co.

Everyone in the group is now seen on top of a telephone poll while riding on a Unicycle, being ridden by Coco. Wilt's legs are spread out to at like a balancing pole, Eduardo is seen sitting behind Wilt, with Mac and Bloo sitting on top of Eduardo's back.

  • Mac: [nervous] Coco, you're sure you've done this before?
  • Coco: [confidently] Co, cococo!
  • Eduardo: [afraid] Just tell me when we get there!
  • Coco: Co, co, CO!

Coco begins riding the unicycle across the power lines connecting between the Telephone pole and the house. As Coco is riding, a stray bird appears and purches itself in front of the group, preventing them from crossing.

  • Eduardo: Is we there yet?
  • Bloo: No, there's a dumb bird in the way. Just run over 'im Coco

Coco inches her unicycle forward, but all it does is startle the bird for a second before it remains unmoved.

  • Mac: I got an idea! [holds his bag towards the bird] Hey little birdy. You want some sandwich crusts and a rotten, old Apple Core?
  • Bloo: I want some! [grabs the food Mac offered and eats it himself]
  • Wilt: Maybe if we just ask the bird nicely, he'll leave. Uh, excuse me uh, Mr. Bird, or Miss Bird, unless you're married then I guess you'd be Mrs. Bird or, Dr. Bird? I mean if you went through the trouble of getting a degree, I'd hate to to accept--
  • Bloo: Forget this, I'll get 'im off.

Bloo then starts swinging the entire group back and forth on the power line. Everyone is trying desperately to keep their balance from falling off. The swinging however is successful in frightening off the bird as it flies away.

  • Bloo: See? No problem.

Suddenly, the power line snaps, sending the friends flying up into the air as they are screaming in terror. As they fall, Eduardo is seen clinging onto the wire and the group winds up in the same position as their were when the Drain Pipe fell loose. Without looking this time, Mr. Herriman closes the blinds to the windows outside again.

  • Bloo: There is only one sensable thing left t'do. [puts on a football helmet] Mac, kick me in that window!

Bloo then rolls himself up into a ball as Wilt holds him in place. Mac runs back to get a running start. Then Mac runs forwards to try and kick Bloo into the open window. Suddenly Wilt pulls Bloo away from Mac just as he is about to kick, send Mac flying onto his back while shouting.

  • Bloo: [frustrated] What are you doing?!
  • Wilt: I'm sorry Bloo, I'm just not sure this is such a good idea. I mean it might really hurt.
  • Bloo: Of course it's going to hurt, it's football!
  • Wilt: You're right. Sorry. Sorry Mac.
  • Mac: It's okay just, don't do it again.

Mac runs back to get ready to kick Bloo again. Then just as Mac tries and kick Bloo again, Wilt pulls Bloo away from Mac just as he is about to kick, send Mac flying onto his back while shouting, again.

  • Bloo: [angrily] WILT!!
  • Wilt: I'm sorry, I know you said it was okay but I thought maybe you'd change your mind because if I was you, I'd change my mind.
  • Mac: [having second thoughts] Wilt, maybe you're not cut out for this.
  • Wilt: No! I am! Sorry, I really wanna help. it won't happen again!

Mac walks back to get ready to kick Bloo again. Once again, just as Mac tries and kick Bloo again, Wilt pulls Bloo away from Mac just as he is about to kick, send Mac flying onto his back while shouting.

  • Wilt: I'm sorry Mac, but I think you're right. I'm not cut out for this.
  • Mac: Good grief.
  • Eduardo: [grabs Bloo from Wilt] Why don't you just kick Señor Bloo, like this?

While Bloo is still rolled up into a ball, Eduardo punts Bloo into the open window of the house. The Impact of the kick is powerful enough to make Bloo scream in terror as his helmet flies off. Bloo however manages to fly into the open window and grabs both the Video Game System. However the System is also attached to the TV, and as both Bloo and the system both go flying, the TV follows shortly after them.

  • Bloo: [notices he's still flying] Uh oh.

Bloo is heard shouting again as he, the video game system, and the TV are seen flying down a flight of stairs, across a hallway, and out the other side of the house out another open window. Mac, Wilt, Coco, and Eduardo are seen following after Bloo just as Bloo stops flying and is seen hanging from one of the Video Game's Controllers.

  • Mac: Bloo you did it!
  • Bloo: Hand me the game Mac, I can play from here!
  • Mac: Why don't we wait until we get upstairs?

Using the Video Game and TV's cord as rope, Bloo, Mac, and the others climb up the cord until they reach the open window. Eduardo is seen outside the windowsill just as he makes it to the top.

  • Bloo: [sighs in relief] We did it! We made it inside without breaking any rules.
  • Eduardo: [gasps in realization] The rules! I almost forget I must make my bed!

Eduardo then lets go of the cord, but in doing so, a ricochet effect suddely happens, causing the Video Game and TV to fly back into the house, down the hallway, back up the stairs, and outside the other side of the house in which Bloo was kicked into earlier by Eduardo. The gang is in quick persuit after the Video Game and TV, but are too late as it is heard flying outside and into the front yard where it breaks loudly.

Scene 16: Foster's Foyer

Inside Foster's during the party, the commotion outside from the crash is heard by the guests, who are seen murmuring in confusion.

  • Frankie: It was Bloo, I know it was! We have to go outside and stop them!
  • Mr. Herriman: But what shall we do about the guests? [To the guests] Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to step out for a brief moment. But to keep you entertained, here are the comic stylings of the unknown friend:

Mr. Herriman pulls out Groucho the Rubber Chicken as he and Frankie run outside to deal with Bloo.

  • Groucho: Good evening ladies and germs, good evening. I just flew in from Chicago and boy are my arms--

Suddenly a cane is seen pulling Groucho off the alter and instead, Boomer is placed in this spot by a slightly embarrassed Herriman.

  • Mr. Herriman: On second thought, Boomer will just play you some music [clears throat] yes.

Mr Herriman then runs back out the door.

Scene 17: Foster's Front yard

Mr. Herriman and Frankie look outside to see the mess that Bloo and the others have caused.

  • Mr. Herriman: What the heavens?!

Mr. Herriman and Frankie then look back up at the open window to see Bloo and the others, looking back outside down at them.

  • Frankie: What are you doing upstairs?!
  • Bloo: Chill out Frankie, we didn't go through the first floor. We've been following all the rules.
  • Eduardo: Ci! I even made my bed, so I can lie in it.
  • Frankie: [threateningly] When I get back in there, you're all in deep trouble!!
  • Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Coco, Eduardo: WHAT?!
  • Bloo: This isn't fair! We didn't do anything wrong!
  • Eduardo: But it no matter because now there is the new rule! We get in trouble when Frankie gets inside
  • Bloo: [gets an idea] You're right.

Scene 18: Foster's Back Door

Bloo is seen locking the Back Door.

  • Bloo: There, now we can't get in trouble.

Bloo is seen standing inside of a Wagon while Mac and the others are seen standing on the stairs looking out nervously at Frankie and Mr. Herriman, who are angrily banging on the door to be left in.

Act 3

Scene 19: Foster's Back Door

Bloo is seen standing inside of a Wagon while Mac and the others are seen standing on the stairs looking out nervously at Frankie and Mr. Herriman, who are angrily banging on the door to be left in, picking up where the episode previously left off.

  • Frankie: Bloo you open this door this instant!!!! Open up!!!! I'm gonna count to ten!!!One, two, Bloo!!!!!
  • Mr. Herriman: Let us in this instant!! Bloo, open this door right now! When I get in their, they'll be in rules like you've never imagined!! Oh my!
  • Mac: [concerned] Bloo, we have to let them back in.
  • Bloo: No way. All day we've done everything Frankie asked of us, we haven't broken one rule.
  • Eduardo: What about you? You is on the first floor.
  • Bloo: But I'm not setting one foot on it, am I? [wiggles around in the wagon to demonstrate the loophole] Look, eventually Frankie and Herriman will come to their senses and realize how well we're behaving. Why, I wouldn't be surprised if they're ready to apologize right now. [goes to unlock the door]
  • Frankie: [angrily] Bloo, you are so dead!!!
  • Mr. Herriman: [angrily] Master Blooregard, this is an utter outrage!!
  • Bloo: [re-locks the door] We'll give 'em a few more minutes.

Outside, Frankie and Herriman are see banging on the door.

  • Frankie: [exhausted] I can't believe it. He's really not letting us in.
  • Mr. Herriman: Have no fear, Miss Francis. We shall return to our guests but momentarily. For I have a key. [pulls out multiple keys on a ring]
  • Frankie: Awesome!
  • Mr. Herriman: Now if only I can remember which one it is. [tries one key] Oh, not that one. [tries another key] No, not that one. [tries another key] No, that is definitely wrong.

Realizing it will take too long to find the right key, Frankie facepalms in frustration.

  • Wlit: I'm sorry Bloo, but what about the party in the foyer?
  • Eduardo: Ci! Señora Frankie say "The part must go on!"
  • Bloo: It will. Wilt, you an' Mac keep the party going while Ed, Coco, an' I watch Herriman and Frankie.
  • Coco: [shocked] Co cocococo!

Coco points out to Bloo and Frankie has disappeared.

  • Bloo: AH! Where'd she go?! Ed, you stop Herriman from getting in while Coco an' track down Frankie. And everybody remember: Behave yourselves!
  • Coco: Co co!

Coco hops onto Bloo's wagon and Bloo starts rolling away while using a Plunger as an oar to row away from the group. Mac and Wilt leave to keep the Party occupied, leaving Eduardo to deal with Mr. Herriman.

  • Eduardo: But how I stop Mr. Herriman?
  • Mr. Herriman: [finds the correct key] A-ha! This must be it!

Without trying to break any of the rules, Eduardo uses a hanging lamp from the ceiling to quickly swing forward and burst through the door and smack the keys out of Mr. Herriman's hands, thus making him forget which key was the correct one, successfully without touching the floor.

  • Mr. Herriman: Oh fiddlesticks! Oh now which one was it again? [tries a key] No, not that one. [tries another key] Not that one. [tries another key] No, that is definitely wrong.

Scene 20: Foster's Foyer

Wilt and Mac are seen informing the guests.

  • Doner #2: So what you're saying is, our hosts have left the building and you have no idea when they'll return?
  • Wilt: Yes. Sorry, is that okay?
  • Doner #2: [annoyed] Well it absolutely is not! [other guests get impatient] How dare they treat us like this! Don't they know who we are?
  • Mac: Of course. I mean, who doesn't know who you are?
  • Doner #2: Do YOU know who we are?
  • Mac: [nervously] I just... one second... [to Wilt] Who are they?
  • Wilt: I'm sorry, but Frankie never told us. She just send that they were all very important.
  • Mac: [confused and nervous] Uh, you are... You are... Part of an Orchestra that would like to perform at Foster's?

The guests shake their head in denial.

Scene 21: Foster's Front Yard/Hallways

Frankie is seen outside creeping by the windows.

  • Frankie: [broodingly] Bloo thinks he can lock me out. Nobody locks me out! [sees an open window] A-HA!!

Just before Frankie can reach the window, it is locked by Bloo and Coco, to Frankie's frustration. Frankie then sees more open windows and tries to reach them, but they are all also locked by Bloo and Coco as well. Frankie then notices a door leading to Foster's basement, but Bloo and Coco also notice this and beat Frankie to it by locking the basement cellar as well.

  • Bloo: Nice job Coco, there's no way she'll get in-- Where'd she get that?!

At the moment Bloo was cut off, Frankie was seen propping up a ladder against the house and to a window on a higher level of the house. Bloo and Coco then steer the wagon up the stairs, just in time as Frankie reaches the window.

  • Bloo: PILLOWS!!
  • Coco: COCO!!

Coco lays a pile of Pillows on the wagon she is riding on with Bloo in and Bloo quickly starts hurling them towards Frankie. Frankie quickly ducks under them and they all go flying out the window.

  • Frankie: HA! You couldn't hit me if ya tried!
  • Bloo: Who says I was trying?

Bloo then shoves Frankie backwards while she's on the ladder and Frankie is seen falling backwards, landing safely onto the pile of Pillows Bloo threw out at her.

Scene 22: Foster's Back Door

Back to the scene outside, Herriman has found the correct key once again.

  • Mr. Herriman: Ah, this must be it.

Once again, Eduardo uses the hanging lamp to swing forward and burst through the door and smack the keys out of Mr. Herriman's hands, thus making him forget which key was the correct one.

  • Mr. Herriman: Master Eduardo! You may knock these keys from my hands all you like--!

Eduardo uses the hanging lamp to swing forward and smack the keys out of Mr. Herriman's hands again.

  • Mr. Herriman: --But I shall find the correct one eventually!

This time, when Eduardo uses the hanging lamp to swing forward, he grabs the keys out of Herriman's hands, preventing him from getting inside altogether.

  • Mr. Herriman: Oh fiddlesticks!

Scene 23: Foster's Foyer

Back to the scene inside, Mac is still trying to figure out who the doners are.

  • Mac: [nervously] We're joking of course. Because we know that, you're all here because you wanna turn Foster's into a Parking Lot!

The guests shake their head in denial again.

  • Wilt: What my associate is that is trying to say is that it's clear by the way you are dressed, that you're here to ask for Frankie's hand in marrige!

All of the male guests look confused.

  • Wilt: [acknowledging the female guests] And you must be their mothers... Or daughters... Sisters?

Scene 24: Foster's Rooftop/Foyer

Bloo and Coco are now seen on highest rooftop of Foster's, spying on Frankie.

  • Bloo: She's still down there?
  • Coco: [bored] Co co
  • Bloo: I don't like this. She's been standing there too long.

Unknown to Bloo and Coco, a scarecrow is seen in Frankie's place, dressed up in her black dress and earrings.

  • Bloo: Who stands in one place that long? Look, those crows are pecking at 'er head and she's still not moving.

A few crows are seen around the scarecrow, one of them is pecking at its head. Bloo then looks through a telescope to see what's going on, only to realize him and Coco have been deceived.

  • Bloo: Wait a minute, we've been dupped!

Bloo and Coco are seen running around the rooftop, trying to find where Frankie has run off to. They eventually find Frankie, dressed up in the Scarecrow's original outfit, trying to fit in through the window on the front porch.

  • Coco: Cocococo!
  • Bloo: HA! She's almost inside, we'll never make it to 'er in time!
  • Coco: Cococo CO!

Desperately, Coco lays an egg that has a rocket inside of it.

  • Bloo: [impressed] Bravo Coco, bravo.

Using the rocket as a boost, Bloo and Coco go flying down from several flights of stairs and through several hallways

  • Mac: I know, you went to the house for your prom.
  • Bloo: OUTTA THE WAY!!

Bloo and Coco have reached the main foyer and they fly past Mac, Wilt, and the guests. Frankie is seen unlocking the door from inside the house and prepares to enter, only to be stopped by Bloo.

  • Bloo: [hitting Frankie of the head with a plunger] Out! Out! Intruder! [sticks his plunger to Frankie's head]
  • Frankie: BLOO!! Stop it! What is wrong with you?!
  • Bloo: Nothing's wrong with me! I've been a perfect angel all day! I didn't touch the first floor, or move furniture, or play Wilt's board game, or make any noise upstairs, or start anymore fires, or knock on the door, or ring the doorbell, or call on the phone, and the party is still goin' on!
  • Frankie: You locked me out of the house!
  • Bloo: There was never any rules about that!
  • Frankie: Fine. [pulls the plunger off her head] Then here's a new rule. You can't lock me out of the house!
  • Bloo: Well okay then! Y'gonna come in or aren'cha?!
  • Doner #2: Miss Foster's throughout the day, I've been weighing whether or not Foster's is a reputable institutation, worthy of my money.
  • Mac: That's it!
  • Wilt: They're here to donate money to the house.
  • Doner #2: After this horrible display of irresponsible behavior, I can come to no other conclusion than to give you as much money as I possibly can.
  • Frankie: I understa-- wha--?
  • Doner #2: [referring to Bloo] If this friend's behavior is typical of what you must put up with. You deserve all the help you can get.

All of the guests proceed to leave, each of them giving Frankie massive dollar checks. Bloo looks insulted after the comment the Doner said about him. Mr. Herriman is seen re-entering the Foyer as Mac and the other friends are seen following him.

  • Doner #3: Here's a blank. Write down whatever you think is fair and then double it.
  • Mr. Herriman: [holding a key] Miss Francis, I found the key! It's was under the mat. Where did everyone go?
  • Frankie: They left.
  • Mr. Herriman: [believing Bloo ruined the party] Master Blooregard! Do you have any idea how much money you have cost this house?!
  • Frankie: They didn't cost us any money. Look! [holds up a check to Herriman]
  • Mr. Herriman: [sees the amount on the check and gasps] I didn't know you could put this many zeroes at the end of a number!
  • Bloo: [confidently] I told you we could behave.
  • Frankie: You sure did. Put 'er there Bloo!

Frankie offers Bloo to shake her hand. Bloo obliges by hoping off the wagon and too the floor.

  • Frankie: HA! You're touching the first floor! (Cynically) Bussssted.

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