Everyone Knows It's Bendy
Season 2, Episode 3b
Episode name pun on: The song "Windy" by The Association, which repeats the line, "Everyone knows it's Windy".
Everyone Knows It's Bendy title card
Airdate: February 4, 2005
Director: Craig McCracken
Writer(s): Lauren Faust
Animation director(s): Randy Myers
See also
"Where There's a Wilt, There's a Way"
"Sight for Sore Eyes"
"Everyone Knows It's Bendy" is episode 3b of season 2.

SPOILER: Plot details follow.


A boy (Gregory)'s parents explain that Bendy is misbehaving, however Frankie and Mr. Herriman accuse Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco framed for Bendy's wrongdoings. First, Bendy breaks a vase, eats chips while leaving the crumbs on the floor, touches a cake, gets Wilt's shoes all muddy and walks on the floor with them, and writes on the wall with a marker. Bendy also "cries" whenever he almost gets caught. Bloo comes up with his master plan. He has Bendy flood up the house. Unfortunately, he reveals it and gets the blame. Mac shows up in the end asking what Bloo did and he answers "Bendy did it!".



This episode is considered one of the worst episodes of the show, with audience reception of Bendy being overwhelmingly negative as he continuously gets away with his crimes all the while framing Bloo and his friends. The poorly written ending where Bloo gets blamed for flooding the house was also heavily criticized for being unfair and just Mr. Herriman and Frankie way of accuse to blame Bloo (even though he did technically set the whole thing up). Screenwriter Lauren Faust has since regretted ever writing the episode as a result of the negative response, for a while this was considered as the worst episode in the entire series, that is until a season three episode known as Imposter's Home for Um... Make 'Em Up Pals appear, which is considered far worst then this episode.


  • Due to Bendy's horrible reception by fans and critics alike, he is completely written out of the show and is never seen or heard from again. 
  • This episode has been criticized for it's force plot, this episode enplanes very little of why Bendy is framing a bunch of Imaginary Friend despite him not knowing who they are and how Herriman and Frankie always believe Bendy, in theory this episode was originally suppose to be a full twenty-two minute episode, but ended being cut down to eleven minutes. As a result, major plot points were left out, leaving the transition sequences to be very flat and explains why a lot of the episodes problems were brought to light.
  • Also due to the episode's poor reception and how Bendy has not been seen since then, many fans likes to consider this episode as non-canon.
  • This episode is very mean-spirited, due to how Bendy was though to be good and innocent character at first, only to be reviled that he really is a cruel, evil and lying kid, and how he cruelly frames innocent Imaginary friends for no reason and getting them punished.
  • This episode was writing to be in only one direction, to have Bloo and his friends reveal to Herriman and Frankie that Bendy really was the bad guy and reveal of how he was using the other Imaginary Friends to hide his own mistakes, but the ending were Herriman and Frankie blame Bloo for flooding the house goes against it, this is the main reason every one hates this episode, as if they ended with Bendy being driven away by a new kid, this episode would have been an interesting concept and at least passable.
  • The grin that Bendy makes (whenever he is about to either frame an Imaginary Friend and gets away with it after framing said Imaginary Friend) has been WILDLY criticized for being very obnoxious.
  • There is a subtle hint that Gregory may have used Bendy to hide his own mistakes.
  • This episode has also been criticized for Herriman and Frankie being very out of character in this episode, more infamously is when Bendy breaks a vase near the beginning, they believed Bendy (a character that they just meet) over Wilt, a character who was at Fosters for a long time, is very nice and will always speck the truth.
  • Mac only appears at the very end of this episode.
  • This is one of few episodes where Mr. Herriman refers Bloo by his nickname as opposed to the usual 'Master Blooregard'.
  • Madame Foster is absent in this episode, although she made a cameo appearance in a picture at the start of the episode.

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