Chester 'n Nester are two imaginary friends at Foster's who usually appear as background characters. Their only speaking roles were in the episode "Beat with a Schtick". They are both voiced by Tom Kenny and Grey DeLisle.


Chester is a beige animal-like friend with short brown hair wearing a light blue cowboy outfit, complete with a dark blue cowboy hat. He also wears a black belt featuring a hawk or an angel in the center and black cowboy boots. He also has hair on his chin and also has a weed in his mouth, but although when he talks, it's not swallowed. Nester, however, is smaller than Chester and somewhat resembles an orange Pac-Man ghost. He also has arms and hands exactly like the Disney character Mickey Mouse has, also has feet splitted in half, and is even nested inside Chester's hat on the top of his head. They both also have cowboy-sounding southern drawls or thick Western American accents like Creaky Pete.


Chester and Nester both seem to have perky, laid-back personalities similar to most cowboys. It also might be hinted that they were both created on the same day, making them non-identical, different appearanced twins. However, Chester is the one who does most of the talking, and Nester is the one who speaks at least often. They also somtimes seem to finish each other sentences, and while during Nester's part of the other sentence, he usually pops out to finish it off. Also, whenever anyone else says a sentence like, "Bloo and the New Guy are gonna face off at four o'clock!", as seen in "Beat with a Schtick", Nester will pop out to repeat it. It is unknown if they ever interacted with each other in the series, and what their relationship with each other is like. It may be a relationship having a bestest big buddy-little buddy feel to it, similar to other pairs exactly like that like Yakky Doodle and Chopper from "Yakky Doodle". Also, whenever anyone else hides in Chester's hat with Nester in it, he will kick them out, as seen in the same episode. However, in "The Big Cheese", it is revealed that they are capable of seperating for a little bit, for example, containing a scene with Nester joining in a game alone with Eduardo, Mac, Bloo, Coco, Cheese, and other two imaginary friends hosted by Frankie.