Charlie the Chicken Leg is an imaginary friend who looks like a large fried chicken drumstick with skinny arms and legs with four appendages on his hands, large eyes and mouth with an exposed bone attached to his legs.


Charlie was imagined by a child in a weight loss program who seemed to have been starving himself, thus imagining many food friends, including Charlie and his friend, George the Cookie. It seemed he didn't like his creator much, as he had 'flashbacks' of darker times. But luckily, Fosters took him and his fellow food friends to their home just in time and they took residence near the top of the building.

Because of the circumstances of his creation, Charlie seems to be very hostile and paranoid, thinking everyone else is his enemy due to the fact that he is actually edible. Charlie met with Mac and Bloo when they were lost in the house and was willing to help them, but Bloo, in a feeding frenzy, cornered him and tried eating Charlie for dinner. Mac called off Bloo's advances and Bloo reluctantly gave in, then Mac asked Charlie for help to guide him back to the base floor so they can have dinner. Charlie agrees as long as Mac keeps Bloo under control, but only after a few seconds Bloo restarts his frenzy and tries eating Charlie all over again, making Charlie run off again.

Charlie later met up with Wilt, Coco and Eduardo and they chased him to the roof, where his fate is now unknown.


  • His attitude seems to be very similar to a soldier who had survived a war, with a high amount of paranoia much like PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) and having flash backs of the dark times.
  • When Bloo first saw him, he thought he was an hallucination created from his hunger, thus believing he was Mac. Despite this, he was more than willing to eat him.