Camcordy is a movie camera imaginary friend. Both film reels on the camera are his eyes and his lens is his mouth. He helps to film Bloo and Mac's home movie in "One False Movie" but gets tired from running on his tripod and has to stop.

Similar Imaginary Friends

Camcordy is very similar to Camery, an imaginary friend film camera, from the episode "The Big Picture". Both Camcordy and Camery have similar names, tripods that function as working legs and similar voices. Both Camcordy and Camery are exploited unfairly by other friends in the house as well. Camcordy also looks similar to the non-imaginary friend old-fashioned home movie camera belonging to Mr. Herriman that was seen in "World Wide Wabbit" when Herriman tries to record Mac and Bloo to get revenge.


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