Bloo's Brothers
Season 2, Episode 4b
Episode name pun on: Blues Brothers
Bloo's Brothers title card
Airdate: March 4, 2005
Director: Craig McCracken
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"Bloo's Brothers" is the 4b episode in season 2 of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

The episode's title is a pun on Saturday Night Live's The Blues Brothers who have had their own theatrical film in 1980.


Mac takes Bloo to school for show and tell. The kids love Bloo so much, that they imagine their own variations on Bloo. Hundreds of Bloos are created, and Bloo dubs them his brothers and himself leader. Mac was going to take Bloo to see the Ice Charades, but with hundreds of Bloos, he can't figure out which is the original.


The Bloos that were imagined:

  • Big Nosed Bloo
  • Beardy Bloo 1
  • Unibrow Bloo
  • Distoraged Bloo
  • Left-eyed Bloo
  • Long armed shoulder Bloo
  • Cowboy Bloo
  • Small Bloo
  • Punk Bloo
  • Robot Bloo
  • CGI Bloo
  • Hairy Bloo
  • Wide Bloo
  • Many eyed Bloo
  • Gangsta Bloo
  • Pucker-up Bloo
  • Doe-eyed Bloo
  • 3-eyed shark teeth Bloo
  • Cool Bloo
  • Squigly Bloo
  • Unibrowed Big-nosed Bloo
  • Wide-eyed Bloo
  • Thin Bloo
  • Big-eyed Bloo
  • Top haired Bloo
  • Drawling Bloo
  • Goatee Bloo
  • Bug-eyed bloo
  • Clown-nosed Bloo
  • Elephant-nosed Bloo
  • Wide-mouth Bloo
  • Pointy Bloo
  • Backmouthed Bloo
  • Cubed Bloo
  • Bowler Hat Bloo 1 & 2
  • Comb-over Bloo
  • Angry-eyed Bloo
  • Spiked Bloo 
  • High-voiced Bloo
  • Polka-dotted plaid Bloo
  • Deep-voiced Bloo
  • Dark-Blue Bloo
  • Beardy Bloo 2
  • Upside down Face Bloo
  • One-eyed Bloo
  • Terminater Bloo
  • One tooth Bloo
  • Big nosed Bloo 2
  • Not-Bloo Bloo
  • SpongeBob Bloo
  • Aqua Bloo
  • Squinty Bloo
  • Fingered Bloo
  • Fuzzy Bloo
  • 3 chinned Bloo
  • Dressy Bloo
  • Braces Bloo
  • Hippy Bloo
  • Long Toenailed Bloo
  • Baby Bloo
  • Vampire Bloo
  • Medium Shaped Bloo
  • Silky Smoothed Bloo
  • Wrinkly Bloo
  • Thickly Outlined Bloo
  • No eyes Bloo
  • Eduardo Bloo (not a real Bloo though)
  • Look and Sound Alike Bloo
  • Frankie tells Mac and Bloo that everyone chipped in and bought them front row tickets but at the end, Mac and Bloo are seen sitting in the second row.
  • Mac's Voice changes in this episode and stays the same for the rest of the series