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Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Species: Imaginary friend
Eye color:      
Family: Greagory (Creator)

Gregory's parents

Creator: Gregory
First appearance: "Everyone Knows It's Bendy"
Episode count: 1
Voiced by: Jeff Bennett

Bendy is an imaginary friend who is yellow with black stripes. He was brought to the house after his child's parents couldn't take his trouble making anymore. Frankie and Mr. Herriman thought that it might just be his kid blaming him which is apparently very common, but in truth it really was Bendy. He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.

He is a troublemaker and blames everyone for doing what he did, crying loudly when those he blames claim their innocence and his guilt to gain sympathy. He brought trouble to Foster's when he started blaming everyone for the pranks he did. Frankie and Mr. Herriman believed him while everyone else got framed for his wrongdoings. Bendy is one of the most disliked characters on the show, mostly due to the fact that he gets away with everything. The creator even apologized to fans for this episode.

He only appeared in the episode "Everyone Knows It's Bendy" and the game Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Imagination Invaders.


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